Grev Turegatan 50



Photo Per Jansson

This enchanting 180m2 apartment is for sale in Stockholm on Grev Turegatan 50. Such beautiful detailing and with a little TLC ( and probably a LOT of renovation ) it would surely become an absolute stunner. We could take some notes from the Swedes when it comes to both styling and photographing apartments for the purpose of selling. It just so happens that Nina and I do just that. We also have a great photographer at our disposal so good people of Helsinki get your game ON and don’t settle for less than perfection. We would love to advertise beautiful homes for sale in Helsinki as well but the selection or more specifically the real estate brokerage standards here are just bad. A picture says more than a thousand words and when it comes to selling apartments/houses this should really apply and in the sellers advantage of course, not the other way around. Hopefully we’ll see more real estate brokerage agencies like Bo LKV in the future. They’re really setting a new standard here, keep up the good work guys!

xx Anna

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