Holy cushions!






Pictures: Bang Interiors Helsinki, Artilleriet Linum. Länna Möbler & Posh Living

Changing cushions as the season changes is an easy way to update your sofa, chairs, beds well the whole interior in itself and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. H&M Home always have really nice basic ones in both linen, cotton and velvet. Even Ikea has really good basic cushions. Mix and match for a personal touch. Why not try a lighter palette for the summer and darker for the winter. Maybe even opt for lighter fabrics in the summer and thicker  ones for the winter. Here are som favorite cushions at the moment.

From top left to right :

  1. Cushions from InRed
  2. Linum Citizen in Misty Grey Pink
  3. Linum Marcel in Dark Mole Brown
  4. Linum Marcel in Dusty Pink
  5. Chhatwal&Jonsson Impal in Brown/Off White
  6. Classic Collection Geometric in Desert Sage
  7. Chhatwal&Jonsson Bhutan in Grey/Off White
  8. Chhatwal&Jonsson Shilong Blue/Off White
  9. Christina Lundsteen
  10. Linum Citizen in Dark Grey Blue
  11. Linum Marcel in Indigo Blue
  12. Chhatwal&Jonsson Hawa in Blue
  13. Chhatwal&Jonsson Deva Velvet in Blue


xx Anna

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