The very talented Eva Lamppu

Photo Eva Lamppu

The very talented Eva Lamppu works as a professional painter in Helsinki. She specializes in oil paintings and in tempera and textile collages. She studied art at the Free art School in Helsinki 2011-2016 and has been very productive since the beginning . Eva has had numerous group- and solo exhibitions. She finds inspiration in form , a feeling or both and she paints people, objects, spaces and occasionally landscapes. Her use of textiles as part of her paintings is unique and makes her art much more interesting. The colour schemes in her art are very harmonious and work, in our opinion, in every home. A home is never complete without art. This is something we tend to neglect nowadays. You can find her homepage here.

Eva’s paintings ranges from big to small in size and prices are between 250€-1500€, for now. Don’t miss the very talented Eva Lamppu. We haven’t seen the last of this fantastic painter. We’re completely sold!

  1. Aseteltu kangas, 2016 oil on canvas 148 cm x 148 cm
  2. Niket, 2016 oil on canvas 110 cm x 110 cm
  3. Systrar, 2016 textile, oil & pencil on canvas 165 cm x 140 cm

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