Anna’s Christmas wishlist




Photo via Fornasetti, Artilleriet, Mulberry, Serge Mouille, Layered & Knoll

If we for a second focus on just the material part of Christmas wishes, then this would be my ultimate ‘ wishlist’ for this year. If indeed I had an unlimited amount of resources. Never stop dreaming even if it can’t come true. Dreams make you happy from the inside out and pushes you further in your ambition. Happy weekend friends, stay classy !

  1. Fornasetti plates
  2. Fogia Bollo chair
  3. Iki Doll Vase
  4. Martinello Luce Pipistrello lamp
  5. Apparatus Studio Cloud XL
  6. Mulberry Zipped Bayswater
  7. Serge Mouille floor lamp
  8. Layered Illusion rug
  9. Platner lounge chair

Ho ho ho Anna