Asplund coming to Artek


bildspel_1 bildspel_2 vitt2bildspel_8 bildspel_3 marmorbord-tati-broberg-ridderstrahle-artillerietPhoto The House of PhiliaAsplund, Sköna Hem & Artilleriet

Hurray, we are so happy to learn that Artek is bringing Asplund to Finland. If you’re not familiar with this Swedish brand here’s a short recap. Asplund was founded 25 years ago, in 1990 to be more specific, by the brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund but as a gallery at first. The original idea was to exhibit furniture as objects of fine art and vice versa. Michael who’s an art dealer had long contemplated combining art and design as a business venture, but only when his brother decided to leave his job as a banker and team up with him did the dream come true. Their new way of thinking gave them much publicity from the start. Jonas Bohlin designed Asplund Gallery on Nybrogatan 37 and the store became a platform for contemporary Swedish design. Soon after this the Asplund brothers started designing furniture and design pieces under the name Edition Asplund. This was the beginning of Asplund as it is today. Among their first pieces of furniture was the ‘Wedding stool’ that was originally created as a  wedding gift to Jonas Bohlin.

Almost all of Asplund’s furniture is manufactured in Sweden and several steps in the process made by hand. This is a way to secure the furniture industry in Sweden. Once again we see a succesfull brand that prioritizes local production and close supervision in making furniture both ethically but also environmentally friendly. We like this.  Today you can visit Asplund store in Stockholm on Sibyllegatan 31  and the store in itself is a hybrid between a gallery, a shop and a living room. We love concept stores! Well, finally last but not least back to the topic; go have a look at Asplunds beautiful pieces at Artek Helsinki store.

xx Anna

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