The very talented Eva Lamppu

The very talented Eva Lamppu works as a professional painter in Helsinki. She specializes in oil paintings and in tempera and textile collages. She studied art at the Free art School in Helsinki 2011-2016 and has been very productive since the beginning . Eva has had numerous group- and solo exhibitions. She finds inspiration in form , a feeling or both and she paints people, objects, spaces and occasionally landscapes. Her use of textiles as part of her paintings is unique and makes her art much more interesting. The colour schemes in her art are very harmonious and work, in our opinion, in every home. A home is never complete without art. This is something we tend to neglect nowadays. You can find her homepage here.

Long live the 50’s!

photos: Hagelstam & Co Yesterday Hagelstam & Co had their Modern auction in Helsinki. There were a lot of beautiful classics from the 50’s. Some of them were limited editions and were bid for way over asking price. Here a some of our favourites. A beautiful cabinet with wallpaper by Josef Frank. Estimated price 2000 €, …

Bloom at Lokal

Photo Lokal Lokal’s annual youth exhibition ‘Bloom’  ( 26.08-02.10.2016 ) is open for everyone to adore. This exhibition features young students from Finland’s finest art schools. All artists and designers are under the age of 30. The event is part of the Helsinki Design Week program. Helsinki Design Week is the largest design festival in …

Jeffrey Veen – About Design

The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. In addition, the work of De Stijl artists is a major source of reference for this kind of work.