Plan B Design

We found this lovely company, Plan B Design, by mistake when browsing for a certain kind of armchair on the internet. Plan B Design renovate and upholster old furniture with a special kind of twist as you can see above. Their modern take and original style make these pieces very unique. It was love at first sight for us. We can’t get enough of this style. Plan B Design is a Swedish company from Stockholm. They have a showroom in central Stockholm and you can visit it by appointment. Hopefully you are as smitten as we are! For more info visit their site here.

Classic modernism at its finest

This classic modern apartment building was converted by Oscar Properties into 40 unique units on Nybrogatan 19 in Stockholm and are opening their doors this Wednesday ( december 7th ) for the first viewings. Don’t miss it of you’re in town. I will definitely pop by if there’s a chance during the weekend. This interior makes my heart flutter and skip a beat. Could we see something similar in Helsinki soon, pretty please?!


There’s a new kid in town, Overose, that make beautiful scented candles and we’re smitten. Overose is a Parisian based perfume house that aim to produce all products as responsibly as possible. You can read more about their environmental responsibility here. Overose is founded by Matthieu Belhandouz who studied fashion design at La Cambre and who also worked briefly for Stella McCartney. The scented candles are quite sold out at the moment but luckily I was able to get my hands on Pinèdre ( pine and cedarwood ). It just so happens to be one of my favorite scents, especially around Christmas. Can’t wait to smell you!


Photo via Apparatus Apparatus is a New York based design studio that specializes in unique lightings, objects and furniture. They use marble, leather, aged brass, etched glass and porcelain as their main components to create the ‘perfect imperfect’. The duo behind Apparatus are Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson. Gabriel has a background in fashion and […]


Photo Verpan Here are some beautiful furniture by  Verpan, much like Verner Panton they are a product of Danish design tradition. It is funtctional but has a unique and modern design. Verpan collaborates closely with the Panton estate and has aquired the production and sales rights to some of Verner Panton’s most memorable and elegant […]

Creanno’s beautiful new showroom

Photo Anna Bargum We went to have a look at Creanno’s new showroom on Merimiehenkatu 14 and it’s beautiful. If you need inspiration for a new kitchen this is definitely the place to go. Creanno sells Kvänum solutions for your home and collaborates with Gaggenau, Miele, Ilve and ABL-laatat. I could dream away in this […]

Classical apartment in Paris

Photo via Behance This stunning classical apartment in Paris by interior designer Jessica Vedel is just breathtaking. Outside exterior and fireplace are by Bertrand Benoit but other than that it’s completely Jessica’s handprint on it. xx Anna [share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”]

Sander table

  Photo Massproductions I love this table from Massproductions. It was first released in 2010 in a limited edition of 50 pieces and now reproduced in the original clear glass but also in  green. Artek sells it in Helsinki and you can read more about the brand here. xx Anna [share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” […]


    Photo Parachilna Parachilna is a spanish brand that specializes in quality lamps and a philosophical way of thinking, almost spiritual. Parachilna is dedicated to creating decorative lighting that is made with the outmost quality that only few remaining metalsmith, ceramicists, glass blowers and other craftsmen master in Europe any more. Their dream is […]

Chair love

Photo Friends&Founder Friends&Founders new chair “La Pipe” is to die for. It was love at first sight, something about the form and material is so appealing to me.”La Pipe” is designed by  Ida Linea Hildebrand for ultimate comfort and with a love for both refined forms and strong silhouettes. It comes as a low lounge […]

No Early Birds

Photo No Early Birds No Early Birds is a brand designed and produced by Per Söderberg. The whole collection is produced in Sweden and uses only qualitative and eco-friendly materials. Mr. Söderberg has a long career in design and architecture with many prestigious projects for clients like Asplund, David Design, Moschino and Plaza. He founded […]

Barcelona home

Photo Katty Schiebeck   This amazing apartment of 155m2 located in Barcelona, shows an apartment with a wide open space, uniting kitchen, dining, and lounge area. Katty Schiebeck  is the interiorist behind this beautiful space but she also works as a private real estate agent in Barcelona. She’s considered one of the youngest promises of the […]


Fornasetti, oh Fornasetti, what a beautiful relationship we have. To say that we are admirerers is an major understatement. The way this novel brand , founded by Piero Fornasetti, makes us feel is just too big for words. The Italians, as always, have a true sense of style and it is no less true with […]

Stunning 19th century home in Lyon

Photographed by Felix Forest for Vogue Australia via Coco Lapine Design   This beautiful 19th century home in Lyon leaves us breathless and in awe. We love the balance of earthier African items mixed with designer ones. What an inspirational home!   xx Anna [share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”]

The Botanic Shelf by Riikka Kantinkoski & Pinja Rougerin

Photo Riikka kantinkoski & Pinja Rougerin   If you’re an enthusiastic or wannabe plant grower these shelves by  Riikka Kantinkoski and Pinja Rougerin are a must. The shelves are made of brass and oak. They can be combined in many different ways. xx Anna [share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” pinterest=”true” email=”true”]