Colourful Scandinavian home

h1-962x1024 h2-795x1024 h3-758x1024 h6-768x1024 h7-827x1024 h8-781x1024 h5-804x1024h4-806x1024h9-769x1024Photo Jonas Ingerstedt for Sköna Hem via Gravity Home

This colourful Scandinavian home feels quite unique for being just that; Scandinavian. Usually we associate Scandinavian homes with a white and neutral colour palette. This feels and looks more like something French. This elegant home belongs to the founders of the bakery chain Fabrique in Stockholm, David and Charlotta Zetterström. This is such a fresh and inspiring home with bold choices. If you want a personal home why not opt for the colorful Scandinavian one. Wow effect no doubt!

xx Anna

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