Filippa K’s previous home

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Photo Wrede

Filippa Knutsson’s previous home is for sale at Wrede’s. Filippa Knutsson is the woman behind the swedish clothes brand Filippa K and she sold her apartment in Stockholm including ALL interior in 2013 when she moved to Paris. I think this is still a very classy apartment even though it was renovated , by interior standards today ( it such a trend sensitive business nowadays ), ┬áthree long years ago. It shows that good materials and quality never go out of style. We always try to encourage our clients to go with quality instead of only trend but then again we do understand that people want the latest hype. It’s all about creating a certain ambience in homes and our recommendation is always just that; a recommendation. But we want our clients to be content and happy in the space that we have created for them ,that is our main goal. If you want something to stand the test of time it’s better to go with the classics rather than the trends but it’s not always so easy to convince people of this. We’re happy if our clients are happy with our work but it’s always an balancing act. Back to the beautiful apartment though, you can see more pictures from Wallingatan 14 here.

xx Anna

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