Habitare 2016


IMG_0928 IMG_0919IMG_0922IMG_0924IMG_0920IMG_0926 IMG_0925IMG_0927IMG_0918Asun Magazine stand at Habitare 2016

IMG_0901IMG_0886Marimekko stand at Habitare 2016

IMG_0930IMG_0929Interface and Deko Magazine stand with Adea sitting area at Habitare 2016

IMG_0932IMG_0931IMG_0873Last but not least, Finnish-German Matri stand at Habitare 2016

Photos Bang Interiors Helsinki

Habitare this year is setting a new standard completely. We were blown away by the awesomeness of it when we visited the fair on Wednesday morning. The whole fair is a beautifully balanced art piece where all the stands work in harmony together. There is a red line that goes through them all. It is such a pleasure to experience Habitare 2016 and the fair really stimulates all your senses. The fact that Finnish ┬ádesign is reflected, or perhaps more correctly influenced, throughout the fair in its entirety is just incredibly rewarding. This is really Finnish design at its finest. We have so many incredible designers and brands in this country that we should be immensely proud of. We Finns really shouldn’t be so modest about our greatness is design.

Some of our faves where the Asun magazine stand that collaborated with names such as : Adea, ABL Laatat, BOLkv, Iittala, Kitzen, Lokal, Nikari, and Woodnotes to name a few. Other faves where the Finnish-German bed manufacturer Matri, Marimekko and Deko Magazine but then again everything was exceedingly fabulous. Dear readers visit Habitare 2016 and see what all the hubub is about. This is not the year you leave in between. Trust us, it’s marvelous!

xx Anna

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