Long live the 50’s!


photos: Hagelstam & Co

Yesterday Hagelstam & Co had their Modern auction in Helsinki. There were a lot of beautiful classics from the 50’s. Some of them were limited editions and were bid for way over asking price. Here a some of our favourites.

A beautiful cabinet with wallpaper by Josef Frank. Estimated price 2000 €, sold for 7000 €.

Wall-light by Paavo Tynell. Estimated price 2000 €, sold for 5500 €.

Ceiling light by Paavo Tynell. Estimated price 8000 €, sold for 13000 €.

Armchair in birch and black leather by Alvar Aalto. Estimated price 1500 €, sold for a whopping 80 000 €!

xx Nina

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