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Matri is a Finnish bed brand founded in 1986 by Anja and Martti Lehtonen in Perniö. It has since then established itself in German speaking countries known as Fennobed and recently opened their flagship store here in Helsinki on Kapteeninkatu 11 A. Matri specializes in high quality divan beds, adjustable beds, bedding and they are solely made from European certified materials. Health and nature are cornerstones in their philosophy. The independent German consumer test organisation ‘Stiftung Warentest’ named  one of Matri’s beds ‘best bed’ in the category for health and environment.

Matri is a family business and family run business in two generations. It has an impressive 21 stores in 6 countries. Go visit Matri in their beautiful store on Kapteeninkatu. You won’t regret it!

” People have very different statures, different sleep behavior, and different tastes. That’s why we offer our beds in a variety of comfort levels, sizes, and styles – always based on our ingenious modular system. ”

xx Anna

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