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Christmas is approaching fast and with that you really are allowed to go as nuts about your Christmas decorations as you please. Even though we don’t believe in Santa anymore ( although he’s Finnish ) there’s something magical about Christmas. The anticipation is just as big  now as it was when I was little, maybe it says more about my childish side than anything else. Especially since having children it’s such a joy to decorate, make gingerbread houses, wrap Christmas gifts beautifully  and really go ALL in in your Christmas spirit because the kids just love it. Put on some Christmas carols, buy some pine branches to decorate and bring out the Martha Stewarts in you.

P.s speaking of Christmas; we also sell gift cards. We’re happy to customize it for your needs and wishes, just contact us via email with your requests and questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The perfect Christmas gift don’t you agree.

Ho ho ho Anna

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