Natalie Schuterman’s home

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Have a look at Natalie Schuterman’s digs in Stockholm. It was featured in Residence Magazine nr 8/2016. Quite the dream home and beautifully colourful. Apparently she was a bit panic stricken to see what she had bought. She was familiar with the house from before and had let her realtor set up the transaction for her. It hadn’t been renovated in more than 40 years. Although Natalie was planning on having it thoroughly renovated the condition of the apartment was horrible. Luckily her doubts were groundless and her go-to interior architect Olle Rex transformed it to this elegant gem it is today.

Natalie has a multi-brand store located in the heart of Stockholm’s fashion district. When in Stockholm don’t forget to visit this high end fashion store on Birger Jarlsgatan 5.

xx Anna

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