Northern Light





Photo via Catalina

Viscose rugs are so elegant and exquisite, but there are a lot of different types out there and unfortunately not all good quality. You want one that’s hand knitted for the best possible quality, otherwise it will just shed fiber from day one. Machine woven ones are just a waste of money. The hand knitted ones are on the other hand pricier. BUT Danish Reza makes beautiful hand knitted viscose rugs that are not too expensive. They have a few different series and we love the one called ” Northern Light” above you have Bergen, Göteborg, Helsinki and Stockholm . Every rug is named after a city in Scandinavia.  Viscose is very sensitive and spilling any kind of liquid on it will actually destroy the fibers. Therefore you should never wash viscose or let anyone tell you that it’s actually washable. Take it to a dry cleaning expert if stained. Viscose rugs works perfectly in a bedroom, oh so heavenly to walk on. The softest soft you can imagine  Catalina sells Reza’s Northern Light series in Finland and you can find them here.

xx Anna

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