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We try to spend as many weekends in our country place as possible now that summer is right behind the corner and I can’t wait to move out for the summer, soon. During winter I seldom feel inspired to decorate, or more accurately further decorate the house, but come spring when nature comes alive, daylight hits us with force and BOOM I want to redo everything. Our house is a never-ending project. It’s not at all in bad shape on the inside per se but my vision/dream is something else. My imagination tends to run wild and I have big plans, all in due time of course. I’m a patient girl and I like to let ideas simmer. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect right now, or ever for that matter, but “hiljaa hyvää tulee” as we say in Finnish which loosely translates to “all good comes to those who wait”. Here are some inspiration for the country house. You can buy it here. Happy saturday!

xx Anna

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