Wallpaper frenzy

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We’re picking out wallpaper for our clients, both Nina and I are nuts about wallpaper in general so this is so rewarding. Although wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years it’s still quite uncommon. To have the possibility to work with wallpaper in several rooms is so inspirational. Why NOT wallpaper one room in your apartment / house if the rest is painted. It gives so much personality and warmth to a home. Once again be bold, go for wallpaper! ┬áHere are some of the ones we’ve picked out for our clients childrensroom, works just as well in nurseries. A complete wallpaper frenzy and we’re in heaven.

Wallpapers from top to bottom :

  1. Butterlfies&Dragonflies from Cole & Son
  2. Melville from Cole & Son
  3. Stars from Cole & Son
  4. Woods&Stars from Cole & Son
  5. Peaseblossom from Cole & Son
  6. Stars from Cole & Son
  7. Punchinello from Cole & Son
  8. Peaseblossom from Cole & Son
  9. Stars from Cole & Son
  10. Woods&Stars from Cole & Son
  11. Fornasetti’s Macchine Volanti from Cole & Son
  12. Fornasetti’s Nuvolette from Cole & Son
  13. Hillevi from Sandberg


xx Anna

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